The Low Point Is When and Where You Begin

  • 26 June 2017
  • Coordinator

A thought came to me suddenly; low points really suck. Not only are they unbearable(well, not entirely, of course, unless you drop dead), but generally... Low points aren't discussed much. This means that not only are a ton of people now experiencing some level of 'low point', but-also not telling anyone- if they are. There is nothing quite like going through an agony-quietly. This is why I often whine-publically. Well, sort of, and I say...either you have a whiny attitude-or you are working on improving it; either way, not many want to hear it-they have plenty to whine about themselves. Their health? Terrible. MENTAL health? Don't even go there. I will say to those who go public about their mental problems-I applaud you. I myself, well, it's obvious enough-isn't it? To those who are now having a terrible time, whose entire life has been a trial of pains, and humiliations, and being mistaken for being mentally stable; I applaud you as well. There is nothing quite like talking to yourself- and being interupted by laughter-laughter at how low a point in life can go-how you never saw it coming-not even as it stood in front of you and shook your hand. Now, looking back, you think how could you have gotten' yourself here-pants with holes in them and paint marks on your elbows and chin and people saying 'just wait until retirement, you can live then.' All you can do is laugh. I dare you. Find a way. Or-you know-go through your low point alone, don't tell anybody, then-you know- (read: title of this blog)