The Beauty of Overcoming Obstacles

  • 21 June 2017
  • Coordinator

Sometimes, the only thing good about a situation-is overcoming it and then ...being able to know you did-and saying it. Some situations are just... Bad- and that is all they are. I write these words now.. to the ones who dream that life will someday be happier; you have a greaterness within you that is meant to rise above the challenging now. You have a greatness within you that is meant to speak of how you sat up, then stood, when no one believed you had the means or right. You have a greatness within you, that pulls your feet forward and quickens your heartbeat, when it sees that something must be done, and you have the power to do it- even as others look away from you, as though your presence doesn't matter. You have a dream that you carry, knowing it was meant for you-and you alone to reach. I appeal to you now to listen to yourself as the north star of your mind, to hold your own impulses near, and strong and authentic. Knowing you are meant to overcome any obstacles that befall you; and how sweet the poetry of overcoming a challenge you truly doubted you would... Is. How truly beautiful it is to stand within our own mind and footstep, speaking our own unique thought and trajectory. You can do it. You were made to overcome... And in all.. become. You have a power that you feel inside you, if you have imagined it- believe it- you were meant to reach it. And what a great thing it'll be to speak of when you doubted, when you truly believed yourself a nothing; and how sweet reaching past what stopped you before, is.