Artist's Mission

"I was that kid raised in a dirt-poor-dream in a poor neighborhood, where lots of neighbors were from jail or on their way to it, and having hope meant having warm water and power for the month. Everything I create is for the kid I was back then, desperate to see kindness, desperate to be secure, not knowing what I had done wrong, but believing everything about me was wrong. Today, I create beauty for those who don’t believe it exists. I create beauty for the self in me that needs to believe in it and does intrinsically believe in it. 

In 2015, I made a conscious decision to dedicate myself to becoming a better painter. I stopped fighting that it made me happy, and an idea formed in my mind, no matter what circumstance an individual experiences. There is something within me that is never dulled, never beaten, never extinguished. My mission is to show others that there is a power within any circumstance and it’s not the power of pain, or trauma, or anything negative. It’s the power of being intrinsically pure, infinite, and alive.  My mission is to show hope, and the absolute beauty of resilience, but even more than that… to create vehicles of expression for those individuals who dare to dream, and dare to see their own path."

Ammon Knight