Ammon Knight is a self-taught American contemporary artist. He began painting ten years ago after being inspired by an Art Masterpieces book, which he purchased at a library book sale for one dollar. Whilst working full time as a custodian, Knight began painting after work, listening to his impulse on where and how to position colours on the canvas. However, these paintings were rarely saved because Knight did not feel the work was good enough.

After five years, the artist began showing images of his work to close friends and loved ones. In 2015, Knight made the decision to totally commit himself to becoming the best artist he could be. He began painting 4-6 hours after work every day, and in every spare minute he could find. In 2016, Knight exhibited his work at Heart of the West - a show featuring premiere artists of the United States.

Knight will also be showing his range of art at the grand London Art Biennale 2017, from 29th March to 2nd April this year, at the historic Chelsea Old Town Hall in London. Here, his work will be exhibited alongside 120 other talented artists from 40 nations, all of which have been specially selected to participate.

Knight considers this opportunity an absolute honor and is thrilled to take part.